2019/2020 Officers


Chairperson - Bruce Morse

Mr. Morse has been a member of the Nova Scotia Provincial Committee of the Air Cadet League of Canada since 2012.  He is a retired Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC) Captain, and former Commanding Officer of 507 F/L MacLean Squadron. In addition to his work with the Air Cadet League, Mr. Morse is a Life Member of Lions International, and was a Municipal Councillor for the Town of Berwick for 12 years.

Bruce was an Air Cadet with 627 Auburn Squadron, and graduated from the Cadet Program as a Warrant Officer First Class. During his cadet career he was awarded the Lord Strathcona Medal.


1st Vice Chairperson - Elaina Gaetan

Ms. Gaetan has been involved with the Air Cadet League since 2014. In addition to her duties as 1st Vice Chairperson, she is the Director for 18 Dartmouth Lions Squadron, and the Provincial Screening and Registration Coordinator.

Elaina graduated from the Air Cadet Program in 1985. During her cadet career she participated in the International Air Cadet Exchange Program to Sweden; and was the first female Squadron Commander of her home unit, 292 Halifax Kiwanis Squadron.

2nd Vice Chairperson - timothy moore

Mr. Moore…


Treasurer - Stacey watson

Ms. Watson ….



Executive Director - Ernest Wiesner

Mr. Wiesner…

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past chairperson - dan kehoe

Mr. Kehoe was an Air Cadet with 587 Whitney Pier Squadron before serving in the primary reserve. He then become a CIC officer in 1988. During his CIC career he served as commanding Officer of 29 Sydney Kiwanis Squadron and served at Greenwood, Acadia and Cold Lake CTCs in numerous positions including Deputy Commanding Officer of Greenwood CTC. He has been involved with the Air Cadet League since 2004. In addition to his duties as past Chairperson, he is the League Director for 517 F/Lt Graham Squadron.