About the Nova Scotia Provincial Committee

The Nova Scotia Provincial Committee is sanctioned by the Air Cadet League of Canada to administer and support the Air Cadet Program across Nova Scotia in partnership with the Department of National Defence.

The Provincial Committee is comprised of approximately 70 volunteers including the following Officers:

  • Chairperson

  • 1st Vice Chairperson

  • 2nd Vice Chairperson

  • Executive Director

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary

The NSPC is incorporated under the Nova Scotia Corporations Act and has Registered Charitable Status with the Charities Division of the Canada Revenue Agency.

The primary operational responsibilities of the Nova Scotia Provincial Committee are to:

  1. Oversee and support local Squadron Sponsoring Committees.

  2. Conduct nationally-mandated activities, such as Registration & Screening of Volunteers, and administration of the Air Cadet Service Medal.

  3. Fund and support the Air Cadet Flying Program, primarily through the purchase and maintenance of a glider and tow-plane fleet.

  4. Conduct an annual province-wide lottery raffle, subject to provincial licensing requirements.

  5. Coordinate the application and merit-ranking process for National (6-week) summer courses, including Power and Glider Pilot Scholarships.

  6. Fund and conduct specific portions of the Air Cadet Program, such as International Air Cadet Exchange Hosting.

  7. Represent the League – at the Provincial level – to its DND and Aviation & Aerospace Partners, all other stakeholders in the Program, and the public and opinion makers.

  8. Recognize the achievements of volunteer members, Cadets, and military partners.