For Squadron Sponsoring Committees

What is a Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC)?

Every Air Cadet Squadron is the product of a partnership between the Department of National Defence and the Air Cadet League of Canada.

For each squadron, a Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) represents the Air Cadet League and can be made up of: representatives from the sponsor; former cadets; former officers; interested parents; and, members of the community.

The Squadron Sponsoring Committee is responsible for supporting the operations of the individual Squadron and for providing anything required by the squadron that is not provided by the military, which may include:

  • fundraising for optional training not covered in the air cadet syllabus (major trips, social events, sports events etc.).

  • provision of additional training equipment.

  • creating and maintaining a financial budget/plan for the squadron’s training year. 

  • registration and screening of squadron volunteers.

  • and other items which may be deemed necessary for the Squadron.

The SSC may manage the squadron’s website, Facebook, Instagram, or other social media accounts.

The SSC may coordinate the Squadrons involvement in the Duke of Edinburgh program

The SSC is responsible for recruiting both cadets and adults (officers, civilian instructors and squadron volunteers).

Each member of the SSC should have a passion for the air cadet program and be willing to donate time to assist their Squadron.

All members of the SSC are required to undergo a screening and registration process which includes a police records check before they begin working with the cadets. This is managed by the SSC with the assistance of the Air Cadet League.

SSC members are required to meet regularly (usually at least once per month). Meetings often include the CO of the squadron, a member of the sponsoring body, and a member of the Air Cadet League.

Forms and Documents

Most Forms and Documents used by SSCs can be found on the National Air Cadet League website on their Forms and Documents page. Using this link will also ensure you are using the most up-to-date forms and documents.